About Tadepallegudem Municipality


Tadepalligudem town is located 16° 4’ North Latitude and 81° 33’ East Longitude and in middle of West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. Tadepalligudem town is located on Chennai-Howrah main railway line. It is also situated on National High Way –5 (Chennai - Howrah). Godavari Western delta main canal called Eluru canal also passing through the town. The railway line, NH-5, Eluru canal passing parallel through the middle of the town dividing the town into two parts. Tadepalligudem, the Municipality under consideration is in West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. Originally a village and some families residing in Tadepalligudem having surname of Tadepalli. The Tadepalligudem name was derived from that surname. The village originally under the control of Nuzvid Estate.

Climate: The climate of the town is characterized by aggressive summer season and good seasonal rainfall. The annual rainfall in Tadepalligudem region is around 1062.30 mm (57.60 rainy days), which is more than the average rainfall of west Godavari district. The rainfall during the South West Monsoon is about 67% of the annual rainfall and that during the North West Monsoon is about 33% of the annual rainfall. The period from November to mid February is the coolest part of the year .The mean daily maximum temperature 30° Celsius and means daily minimum temperature is around 18° Celsius. From mid February the temperature starts rising till May. The mean daily maximum temperature in May is around 45° Celsius and means daily minimum temperature is around 30° Celsius. Some times the maximum temperature goes up to 48° Celsius also

Tadepalligudem was first constituted as 3 rd grade Municipality on 01-05-1958 and it was upgraded as first grade municipality on 22-04-1980. The Municipality was again upgraded, as Selection grade Municipality in year 2010.The area of the Municipality is about 20.71 Sq kms. Tadepalligudem town is 50 km away from District head quarters Eluru and 110 kms away from State Head Quarters Vijayawada.