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Tadepalligudem City is in West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh known for its education, trade & agriculture. It is a municipality and the Mandal headquarters of Tadepalligudem Mandal in Eluru revenue division. It is the agricultural commercial hub of West Godavari district which is renowned as the "Annapurna of Andhra Pradesh”. The area of the Municipality is about 20.71Sq.kms.Tadepalligudem is centrally located in West Godavari District and main entrance 10 Delta as well as to uplands which is otherwise called as “Andhra Dhanyagaram” the world famous Kolleru Lake is very near to this town.

Topography :Tadepalligudem is located at 16.8333°N 81.5000°E. It has an average elevation of 10 meters. The town is undulating and has a level difference of nearly 5-6 m between the highest and the lowest level within Municipal limits. The Pentapadu drain flows east side of the Tadepalligudem parallel to the irrigation canal. Eluru canal passes through the heart of the town. Town has mostly flat and gradient from North West to South East.

Climate: The climate of the Tadepalligudem is hot in summer months and temperature rises to maximum 48°Celsius. Temperature of Tadepalligudem is in between 18oC in winter to 48C in summer season. Average relative humidity 80% recorded during month of September. Rains set in during the second part of June. The average annual rainfall is 1076 mm.

Demography: As per Census 2011, Tadepalligudem has 35 municipal wards. The total population of Tadepalligudem town was 103,906 and spread over in 20.71sq.km Municipal area. The total population constitutes 51378 males and 52528 females - a sex ratio of 1022 females per 1000 males. The average literacy rate stands at 83.10% with 83345 literates significantly higher than state average of 67.41%.

Soil and Geology: The soils of the district are mainly 'Black cotton soil's' comprising loam silt, sandy loam and sandy clay loam. In the areas of flat topography and along sides of Eluru canal and its Tributaries, black cotton soil is found. In all areas ground water can be had from depths ranging from 3m to 6 m. The Soil conditions are very good in terms for cultivation of paddy, cotton, chilly and tobacco because it is a black cotton soil.